a theatre play for 3 women
and 40 green transportation boxes


Stilleben is a theater play for 3 women and 40 green transportation boxes. An ingenious and minimalistic puzzle.

For one hour the actresses build successive compositions on stage. Mysterious objects emphasize an ongoing alienation, a tension between realism and abstraction.

In a space splendidly designed by Inge Roseboom, WorsøeProduksjoner has gathered artists from different disiplines in a direction of Kenneth Homstad. The result is an unsettling yet humourous performance where both the spectator and the location play a significant role.

Stilleben reflects on everyday life and imagination as a bare necessity.

Language: no problem


Made by

Director: Kenneth Homstad
Scenography: Inge Roseboom

Performers: Ida Holten Worsøe, Anne Guri Tvedt, Anne van Dorp

Sound design: Solveig Heilo
Lighting design: Isak Bjørn
Photo and film: Mark Weemen





27th November 2013 Stamsund Nordland Visual Theatre
28th November 2013 Stamsund Nordland Visual Theatre
29th November 2013 Stamsund Nordland Visual Theatre
30th November 2013 Stamsund Nordland Visual Theatre



Kenneth Homstad (NO) is an author, director and actor who graduated from the Theater School in Amsterdam (AHK) in 2006. He has collaborated with several performance artists in Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark, been a part of the directors group at Hetveem Theater in Amsterdam, and played at Det Norske Teatret and Den Nationale Scene in Norway. His work has resulted in nominations to the Dutch VSCD Mime Prize and BNG Jonge Theatermakers prijs. In 2015 he was nominated for the Norwegian Hedda-award for Best Supporting Actor in Lisa Lie/PONR's Blue Motell. Since 2013 he has been a part of the actors ensemble at Trøndelag Teater in Trondheim.

Ida Holten Worsøe (NO) studied musical theatre at Theatreschool in Gothenburg 2002 until 2005. She has worked at several theatres in Norway (Hålogaland Teater, Oslo Nye Teater, Agder Teater, Teater Innlandet and Det Norske Teateret) and twice been nominated for the Norwegian Hedda Award. She has worked in Jo Strømgren Kompani as an actor/dancer/project manager since 2011.

Anne Guri Tvedt (NO) is a professional dancer who graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2002. Since then she has worked in several musical productions such as Cabaret, Chicago, Rock´n Roll Wulf and Bør Børson, and dance performances that straddle the line between theater, both for adults and children. She teaches contemporary dance at the Academy.


Anne van Dorp (NL) studied movement theatre at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. She works alternately as an actress and director. She runs her own theatre company De Koude Kermis, with which she makes devised theatre. With her last piece Florence Foster Jenkins she won first prize at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2012.

Inge Roseboom (NL) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist. Her work ranges from small and intimate ceramic sculptures, to full size interactive installations. Her scenography's are of a visual conceptual nature, often featuring abstract brightly colored objects. Her work with director Sanne van Rijn, was rewarded with the Dutch VSCD Mime Prize in 2000 and nominated in 2006. After advising Kenneth Homstad on Conquest of Paradise (2008), STILLEBEN is their first full-scale collaboration.



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Production: WorsøeProduksjoner

Co-production: Nordland Visual Theatre

Support: The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs,
Fund for Performing Artists